Marquee Hire for Weddings

Something Colourful and Just Different Enough...

The emphasis is on taking the look, feel, individuality and inspiration of the festival and circus worlds and transferring them to your Wedding. We aim to leave you with memories of a colourful event and a stress-free process every step of the way. This creates an overall experience both before and on the day that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

See below for details of our free Guide 'How to Hire a Marquee' which will outline all of the stages of the hire process and make it as transparent and enjoyable as possible for you whether you're doing a DIY spectacular or looking for someone to take the reins and make it all happen.

If you love the idea but have NO idea where you could put a bigtop, check out our venues page. Otherwise read on to find out more about our structures and who we are.


Our Tents



The biggest and newest tent on the block. Capable of housing a huge wedding under one roof, it will provide cover for a large stage, a full sit-down meal and still leave space for a bar and a dancefloor.

The Mulberry
Humbug / Rambutan

Hi, I'm Elise from the Terrapin Events Group.

I've been hiring out marquees for a long time and I know that it's easy for people to forget what it's like coming into a new industry that they might not understand. Most people haven't hired a tent before but if you have, this is still for you.


I wanted to simplify the process, so I wrote a Guide to help you through the whole thing from start to finish called 'How to Hire a Marquee'. You can get your free PDF copy of it by filling out the form below

To get in touch you only have to reply to the email containing your Guide or you'll find some contact details at the bottom of this page.

Want to know more? Read on....

How to Hire A Wedding Marquee Guide

What is the Guide?

It's a PDF which will take you through the process and make it as transparent as possible for you so that by the time we talk (if we talk…) you know exactly what I'm going to ask you and a lot more about what you want.

I'm not keeping any secrets, I'm not even trying to convince you to hire from me. This is general advice for you to take and do what you will with.

It'll give you ideas and help you to learn what you should be able to reasonably expect from your marquee hire company. I'm big into transparency and having things kept 'in the club' isn't really the way I do stuff.

Why have I written it?

This helps you because you get to know what to expect to have to decide before you even email a hire company.

This helps the company (whether it's me or not) because believe it or not, better-informed customers are actually much easier to help. They know what questions to ask and have a better idea of what they want so that I can get on with making it happen.

No obligation, if you don't like it you don't even have to give it the hard drive space. Just delete it. But even if it gives you one idea, it's worth a read, right?

If you know a bit already or you just want to have a talk, you'll find a phone number and an email at the foot of the page too. Simple.

But really, I'm telling you this because it could well save us both a lot of time. you'll see what kind of tents I do (coloured, stripey) and also a bit about what kinds of tents I don't do (white).

You'll get some ideas about what you want from your event and be able to ask me for what you want.

Sound good? I bet you an email I can open your eyes even just a little bit.

Just fill out the form next to this text. Do that and the Guide will be with you within minutes. By the time you've read that you'll have all the information I can give you.

I think you'll like it.




"This last weekend I was fortunate enough to witness the hard-work, efficiency and outstanding creativity of BigTopWeddings...The attention to detail took you into a fantasy world - that you never want to ever leave. Fantastic work that I would recommend to anyone for their dream summer wedding."

Marisa Rambles


"just want to again say a massive thank you to you and the team for all your hard work! The day was perfect and we are so very grateful for you putting so much time and effort into it."

Mr and Mrs James Ambridge

"The Purple and Cream is beautiful and ideal for weddings...It felt very luxurious and high end. It didn't take much internal decor at all."

Dane Davies and Rory Allen

"From helping us to decide what size tent we needed, to erecting the big top on site, BigTopWeddings made the whole process easy. It was such a relief to know we were in good hands. Having a wedding in a rainy field was stressful enough! "​

Sam and Rob Flower

"Highly recommended. Great communication, bags of expertise and guidance. Thanks for making our wedding marquee so beautiful."

Becca and Jim Gates-Patch